• Luxembourg's pursuit of 5G

    On December 11, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel will welcome the 5G conference participants in Luxembourg. While the first roll-out of 5G networks is about to start, the keynote speakers will highlight the latest developments and current trends that are awaiting us in the deployment of 5G.

    The conference is open to participants from very different backgrounds, who are invited to attend various workshops: C-level representatives from telecom and IT companies, experts and consultants, representatives from regulatory and public authorities as well as citizens and members of NGOs and students.

    The main part of the program will be dedicated to interactive workshops. Following the success of last years’ edition, all participants will have the opportunity to propose topics for workshops.


    Participants can choose between three different tracks:

    • Citizens – for participants with limited background information about the technology but a clear thirst to discover and discuss the utility of 5G
    • Project leaders and decision takers - who are familiar with 5G and who would like to challenge their vision of 5G with peers, but also with participants with various backgrounds
    • Technical experts - who regularly work on the actual deployment of 5G, interested to discuss technology, security, and practical challenges

    The outcomes of these workshops will serve all participants to drive their current and future projects. The afternoon session of the second day will bring the outcomes of the various parallel tracks together. Panelists from Luxembourg and the BENELUX will share their thoughts about the most likely development paths for the coming months.

  • About us


    Digital Luxembourg is a collaborative, multidisciplinary government initiative launched to unify & strengthen the country’s digitalization efforts. We are both a uniting force behind Luxembourg’s digitalization movement and its biggest ally. Inclusive, multidisciplinary and fluid, guiding the country’s digital efforts. Digitalization is inevitable. Let’s keep it positive, smart and human. When a group of people work together to advance a common goal, a movement is born. In Luxembourg, our goal is simple: transformation via positive digitalization. For the biggest impact, we focus on modernizing and future-proofing five key areas: Government, Skills, Policy, Infrastructure and Ecosystem.


    The Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy is part of the Ministry of State and directly reports to the Minister for Communications and Media. Since its creation, it has been supporting the development of new IT technology and media. Among others, it is in charge of the electronic communications (implementation of the ultrahigh speed Internet – wired and wireless). The Department manages the coordination cell of Digital Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance.